Campus Contact Information


Central Office Contact Information
Chief Executive Officer: Curtis Palmore -1129
Chief Academic Officer: Katherine Martinez-1165
District Operations: Clarinda Joseph-Cumberbatch-1224
Confidential Secretary: Giselle Gonzalez -1178
Technology Coordinator: Carl Hagmueller-1101

Elementary Campus, Grades K-4
75 Spruce St
Paterson, NJ 07501
Telephone: (973) 413-2057, extension 1131
Fax: (973) 345-7623

School Leader, Chloe Lewis-1167 
Dean of Students, Iver Peterson-1175
Administrative Assistant, Mary Jane Contreras -1131
School Nurse, Loris Colon-1123

5th Grade Campus
32 Spruce Street
Paterson, NJ  07501
Telephone: (973) 413-2057, extension 2216
Fax: (973) 341-1687

School Leader, Bennison Ntsakey-1115
Dean of Students, Harold Ford-1130  
Director of Special Projects , Moe Sawalhi-1170 
Administrative Assistant, Keisha Smith-2216

School Nurse, Jennifer Sullivan-2218 

Middle School Campus, Grades 6-8
137 Ellison Street
Paterson, NJ  07505
Telephone: (973) 413-2057, extension 3102
Fax: (973) 278-9605

School Leader, Bennison Ntsakey-1115

Dean of Students, Nikki Hutchinson-1172
Director of Special Projects , Moe Sawalhi -1170
Administrative Assistant, Izamar Guzman-3102
School Nurse,  Linda Dewar-3203 

Department of Academics
Math Supervisor K-8,  Jennifer Aguilar-1152
Literacy Supervisor K-8,  Diana Gonzalez-1150 
Student Support Supervisor K-8,  Dina Bailey-1164 
Math Coach K-4,  Kelly Braunius-1155 
Literacy Coach K-4,  Tom Ludwig-1156
Math Coach 5-8, Hillary Vengel-1151
Literacy Coach 5-8,  Caridad Nunez-1182

Community Schools Department 
Manny Martinez - Director of Community Schools-1158 

Dacil Tilos – Assistant Director of Community Schools, 21st CCLC Project Director-1161
Brian Waller – 21st CCLC Program Coordinator-1161
Jessica Pichardo – Parent Engagement Coordinator-1163
21st CCLC Site Supervisor (32 Spruce)-Mary Jane Contreras 
21st CCLC Site Supervisor (137 Ellison) Moe Sawalhi